I was going to write a blog about my new VeraKey. But Magnet Forensics has already done that so why not just link to it! I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and I don’t use the expression “game changer” lightly. But this is a game changer for me and for my clients!!! In simple terms, this tool allows the full file system of a mobile device to be acquired. That means DELETED DATA! You need deleted text messages? Deleted emails? Deleted pictures? Now it is possible! Below is from their website:


Consent-Based Access

The complexity and ever-growing diversity of mobile devices can present challenges for digital forensic investigators. We’re continually working to ensure VERAKEY is compatible with devices you may encounter during a consent-based investigation.


  1. Most comprehensive iOS and modern Android device access support, with regular updates to the latest versions.
  2. Capture and record explicit employee consent, plus automatically notify the VERAKEY account administrator upon every extraction for additional oversight.
  3. Access credentials stores like Keychain and Keystore to decrypt content.

mobile forensics

Easy to Use

VERAKEY’s simple plug-and-play design doesn’t require reskilling, eases adoption, and complements existing solutions.


  1. User friendly web interface that requires no special training.
  2. Secure collected data in the lab and the cloud with automatic encryption and geofencing.
  3. Export the data to a wide variety of tools for analysis, such as Magnet AXIOM Cyber and other third-party tools.


Obtaining a more comprehensive and detailed data extraction gives you access to the critical evidence you need when performing internal investigations and supporting eDiscovery efforts. VERAKEY accesses more data, including deleted data, than any other mobile forensics tool to help you solve more cases.


  1. Full file system extraction from iOS and modern Android devices.
  2. Uncover more pictures, videos, encrypted messaging and iOS chats, chat histories, location data, and Internet evidence.

mobile forensics


Save time and kick-start your investigations faster by accessing mobile data quickly. VERAKEY can provide same-day mobile data access for both iOS and leading Android devices.


Get mobile devices back into the employee’s hands faster to reduce the impact on productivity.

mobile forensics

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