Alphafox Forensics: a professional cybercrime investigation service provider

From privacy breach to ransomware attacks

Alphafox Forensics’ cybercrime investigation services are there to support you in your recovery from a cyber attack. Nowadays, with the extensive use of devices connected to the Internet, everyone, including corporations, is at risk of a security breach. As thousands of hacking attempts are made daily, protecting your digital infrastructure has become of the utmost importance. Despite rigorous protocols, breaches are committed everyday. We provide expert incident response and cybercrime investigation through our cybersecurity consulting services.

Cybercrime investigation services
Cybercrime investigation services

Cybersecurity consulting services

When dealing with the security of your personal or clients’ information, our professional team can assist you. All connected devices that we possess (IoT), from children’s toys to smart appliances to computers, may allow for unauthorized access to your home or work network and potentially put you at risk of a cybercrime.

Whether you or your company are victims of a cyber attack or you want to ensure your compliance with all regulations when it comes to your data security, we will investigate the incident, retrieve and protect your data and / or guide you towards securing your network and infrastructure.

We help you build your case

We offer legal support as all evidence that we can recover when investigating a breach can be used in the court of law.

Beyond the device: cloud services investigations

In the last few years, we have witnessed an incredible increase in the use of online services, better known as cloud services. Most people are familiar with Amazon Web services, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to name only a few. These clouds store a large amount of information that can be compromised when they are attacked or tampered with. Our cybercrime investigation services include all cloud-related issues.

Cybercrime investigation services

When should you contact a digital forensics service provider?


Ransomware has become a serious and frequent threat to individuals and businesses around the world. Contact us immediately should you become a victim as time is critical when such an attack is committed.

Mandatory breach reporting

We can assist you with the mandatory process of reporting security breaches that is required of all businesses operating in Canada since November 1st 2018.

Data theft and breach intrusion

Unauthorized access or usage of personal or confidential information are cybercrimes that our cybersecurity consulting services cover. We can help you figure out how the breach has been performed and how to protect yourself from further intrusions and recover the data.

Online investigations

Whether your identity is wrongfully being used by another person online or you are being harassed, we can assist you in building a case against the perpetrator.